HOMED at the French Academy of Agriculture

Project coordination Hervé Jactel presented HOMED at the French Academy of Agriculture in on 28 November in Paris, France. The main focus of the event were factors which favor the introduction and establishment of new species of forest pests and pathogens. On the one hand, the circulation of goods and people between all countries of the world intensifies. On the other hand, climate change favors the establishment of species previously unable to survive in France. 

This context leads to a deeper reflection on ways to predict the arrival of these species in France, to quickly detect their presence, to assess the risks they pose to forests and develop appropriate prevention and control strategies. Presentations at the French Academy of agriculture dislayed recent methodological advances that allow progress in these directions.

Experts from the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) who are highly involved in HOMED - Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau, Christelle Robinet and Alain Roques gave talks on the innovive tools, which will be developed within the project.  

A video of the event and related presentations are available here. (text in French)